Improvement of Bismuth-Based Catalysts for Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalytic Bacterial Disinfection


主题:   Improvement of Bismuth-Based Catalysts for Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalytic Bacterial Disinfectio主讲人:   WONG Po Keung地点:   材料学院楼C321时间:   2018-10-11 14:00:00组织单位:   材料科学与工程学院


Po Keung Wong教授担任香港中文大学教授及环境科课程副主任,主要研究光催化材料的设计、合成及其在环境净化及能源生产中的应用。担任Journal of Environmental Sciences (Elsevier)、Environmental Geochemistry and Health 等期刊的副主编。在 Energy Enviro Sci (1), Environ Sci Technol (15), Water Res (21), Appl Catal B: Environ (28), J Mater Chem A (7), ACS Catal (1), Adv Mater (2), Adv Energy Mater (1) 及 Nano Energy (2) 等发表论文263篇, IF2015 >5, 116篇;引用9,069次 (他引8,472次); H因子为49 (Web of Science) 。单篇引用累计100次以上有21篇, 其中10篇为“Highly Cited Paper”。获2015年度中国教育部高等学校科学研究优秀成果-自然科学奖二等奖 (排名第一)、2018年度广东省珠江学者(讲座教授)。


In this study, fabrication and characterization of Bi-based catalysts with improved visible-light-driven (VLD) photocatalytic bacterial inactivation conducted by our research group will be introduced. (1) BiOBr nanosheets with a high percentage of exposed {001} facets showed better VLD photocatalytic inactivation activity. The facet-dependent bacterial inactivation mechanisms of BiOBr nanosheets were determined [1]. (2) Boron atoms were successfully doped into BiOBr nanosheets. Their VLD photocatalytic bacterial inactivation activities were improved and their inactivation mechanisms were systematically investigated [2]. (3) A simple alkali treatment of BiOBr produced brown color nanosheets. It was found that Bi2O4 nanoparticles were in situ formed on the surface of BiOBr nanosheets by a combined action of NaOH-induced dehalogenation and light triggered photoexcited hole oxidation. The brown BiOBr nanosheets showed exceptional good performance in VLD photocatalytic bacterial disinfection [3]. (4) Oxygen defective yolk-shell BiO2-xspheres were synthesized. The composite possess distinctive oxygen vacancy with a high affinity for the molecular oxygen and yolk-shell structure enhanced light absorption resulted from the multi-reflection of the incident light within the interior of the composite, played key roles to enhance VLD photocatalytic bacterial inactivation [4].


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