Industrial IoT plus AI.


主题:   Industrial IoT plus AI.主讲人:   Tingting Zhang 地点:   松江校区一号学院楼140报告厅时间:   2018-10-25 13:30:00组织单位:   计算机学院


Tingting Zhang is professor in computerengineering, researchleader for computerscience and engineeringresearch in Mid SwedenUniversity and wireless sensornetwork and security(SNS) research group leader. She is participating researcher in several nationaland international (EU, KKS, Vinnova) collaborations from 2003. Her research area includewireless sensor communication, AI and distributed system.


Digitalization is a global trend becoming ever moreimportant to our connected and sustainable society. This trend also affectsindustry where the Industrial Internet of Things becomes an important part.Industrial Internet of things is the application of the IoT to themanufacturing industry that involves a wire/wireless network of physicaldevices to collect, communicate, sense, and interact with their internal statesor the external environment. Like the IoT, combining the power of AI to theIndustrial Internet of Things will deliver valuable new insights ofmanufacturing industry like never before. In this seminar, I will focus onchallenges, and the research efforts and potential research directions to solvethe challenges.


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