Chinese-English Translation – Language Issues


主题:   Chinese-English Translation – Language Issues主讲人:   David W. Ferguson地点:   松江校区一号学院楼540室时间:   2018-12-04 13:00:00组织单位:   外语学院


David W. Ferguson,Born in Scotland,David graduated in law from Edinburgh University. He first worked worldwide asa management consultant, and later ran a media company working withhigh-profile names like Manchester United TV.

David came to Beijingin 2008, where he works as a journalist, editor and writer. He covered theWenchuan earthquake in May 2008 and has edited a number of high profilepublications, including the English versions of Volumes I and II of The Governance of China by president XiJinping, and many other high profile books and documents such as governmentWhite Papers. He is a panel member forthe China Association of Translators international translation workshop, andpresents regular seminars and training sessions on English translation andediting, and related subjects.

He has written sixbooks on contemporary China, as well as illustrated fiction for young children.He is the author English, Chinglish andWronglish, an English teaching guide for students, translators, and otherChinese working with English in a professional capacity. Book 1 was publishedin 2018, with Book 2 to follow in early 2019.


LectureModules:Chinese-EnglishTranslation – Language Issues

Summary: This module deals with common mistakes that Chinese often make whenwriting in or translating into English, involving specific words andexpressions. It reflects the content of EnglishChinglish and Wronglish Book 1.

Content: The module first explores some of the historical and cultural reasonswhy English is a difficult language for Chinese to work in, and why there aremany specific errors that are repeated throughout Chinese English, not only atthe level of school and undergraduate university students, but even byhighly-qualified and experienced translators. Using specific real-lifeexamples, the module then presents a series of individual words and expressionsthat are regularly misused, and explains how to identify, understand andcorrect these mistakes.


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