Nano-Engineered Mechanics: Why Nano?


主题:   Nano-Engineered Mechanics: Why Nano?主讲人:   David Hui地点:   纺织学院4008室时间:   2018-12-25 14:50:00组织单位:   纺织学院


Dr. David Huiis Professor of Mechanical Engineering and director of Composites Materials ResearchLaboratory at University of New Orleans. He hasserved as founder and editor-in-chief of Composites B Engineering journal,currently in its 25th year of publication and impact factor is 4.727 in year2016. This journal ranks in top 5% among 85 journals in EngineeringMultidisciplinary category in ISI. Currently, he serves on the editorial boardof 11 SCI journals, seven of them are Nano journals, and the rest are mostlycomposite materials journals. Dr. Hui is ASME Fellow, ICCE Life Member, AIAA AssociateFellow and CASI Associate Fellow.

许大卫教授现任美国新奥尔良大学(University of NewOrleans)复合材料研究室主任。主持NASA, ARO, ONR, AFOSR, NSF, LEQSF, US Army CRREL,GCRMTC, NOAA等多个国际组织和政府的基金课题研究,担任国际著名杂志“Composites, Part B”(IF=3.85,2016)主编和41本国际刊物的编辑,已连续担任国际会议ICCE(InternationalConference on Composites /Nano Engineering)大会主席近20年。发表高质量学术论文120多篇,Hui教授是复合材料与工程领域的国际知名学者,在国际上享有很高的学术声誉。


Nanoengineering is a new field, what is nanotechnology? How the length scale play acritical role in hybrid materials. The talk focus on the transition from metalto composite to nanomaterials. The emphasis is on nanomechanics and hownanomaterials can be put to useful engineering applications. The talk willinclude three reasons for using nano, and will include nano-engineering indamage mechanics and impact dynamics. The critical component of design issafety of materials usage. The nanomaterials is more expensive, and thus, theiruse is limited to the case when the same design and use of structures cannot bedone by using composites (or metals).


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