The health benefits of physical activity


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Dr. Li received his PhD in Exercise Science from University of Massachusetts – Amherst. He started working at Louisiana State University (LSU) in 1998, teaching and researching on topics related to biomechanics. He initiated LSU Peripheral Neuropathy Studies in 2004, has been working on related projects until now. In addition to his appointment in the Department of Kinesiology while at LSU, Dr. Li was also appointed as adjunct professor by two other units on campus, and visiting professor by two universities within the country in addition to three outside the country. Dr. Li is currently a research professor at Georgia Southern University. Dr. Li was the chair of Biomechanics Interested Group of American College of Sports Medicine (2008-09), president of International Chinese Society of Physical Activities and Health (2010-11). In addition to serves as reviewer for more than a dozen peer reviewed scientific journals, he is one of the founding editorial board members of the Journal of Sport and Health Science, long time editorial board member for one of the best movement science journal - Journal of Kinesiology and Electromyography (2001- present), and Biomechanics Section editor of the oldest kinesiological journal in the world - Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sports (2010-14). Dr. Li has been invited and delivered numerous Keynote speeches at different international conferences. Dr. Li is an active fellow of (American) National Academy of Kinesiology since 2014.  



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