Data-Centric Business Processes:Progress and Issues


主题:   Data-Centric Business Processes:Progress and Issues主讲人:   苏建文地点:   松江校区图文中心第三报告厅时间:   2016-04-25 13:00:00组织单位:   计算机学院

主讲人概况:Jianwen Su is a Professor of Computer Science at the University California, Santa Barbara. He received his BS/MS degrees from Fudan University (China) and his PhD degree from the University of Southern California. He held visiting positions at INRIA and Bell Labs, was/is an adjunct professor at Fudan, Peking,and Donghua Universities in China. His research concerns data modeling and query languages,scientific databases, formal verification, web services,and business processmanagement. His current work focuses on modeling and analysis of businessprocesses concerning compositions and management. His work on data with nested structures,incremental query evaluation, constraint databases, web services, and data-centric workflow is widely known and cited. Dr.Su received two IBM Faculty Awards, was a keynote speaker at several internationalworkshops/conferences including ICSOC 2012 and WS-FM 2013. He served/is servingon program committees of many conferencesin databases (PODS, ICDT, VLDB, ICDE,EDBT, etc.) and servicescomputing(ICSOC, BPM, WS-FM, ICWE, ICWS, etc.). He was a general co-chair of ICSOC 2013,the general chair of SIGMOD 2001, the PC chair of PODS 2009, and a programco-chair of a few other database/services computing conferences. He served onthe Executive Committees of ACM SIGMOD and PODS, editorial boards for IJFCS andJCST, and is an associate editor of IJCIS.

内容摘要:A business is an assembly of tasks to accomplish a business goal. A work flow is a model of a business process for software system to manage business process executions. Such a software system is usually called a work flow management system (WfMS) or business process management system (BPMS). In this talk,we illustrate problems in WfMS designand application development,survey the current work in this area,and discuss further research challenges.

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