Synthesis of Systems


主题:   Synthesis of Systems主讲人:   章文俊地点:   松江校区4号学院楼2004室时间:   2016-06-23 13:00:00组织单位:   机械工程学院


In this talk, Professor Zhang will discuss the concept of system, covering mechanical systems, chemical systems, biological systems, and so forth. Then, he will discuss the concepts that are relevant to systems, including analysis, synthesis, design, and selection, which are often seen from many specialized domains of system such as mechanical systems. After with the elaboration of these two backgrounds, Professor Zhang will then propose a general approach to synthesis of systems. By general, the term ‘synthesis’ is used to be the generic term for the terms ‘synthesis’, ‘design’, and ‘selection’, and ‘system’ is used to be the generic term of ‘mechanical systems’, ‘chemical systems’, and ‘biological systems’. Professor Zhang will then formulate a specialized approach to synthesis of mechanical systems or electric-mechanical systems and developed examples to show the effectiveness of this approach.


Professor W.J. (Chris) Zhang

Dr. Zhang is currently a professor with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Saskatchewan of Canada. He is a Chair Professor with the School of Mechanical and Power Engineering of the East China University of Science and Technology of China under Chinese National “One Thousand Talent’s or 1000 Talent’s” program of China as well.

Dr. Zhang has expertise and background in a broad spectrum of subjects in the interdisciplinary areas among biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, robotics and automation, information and management.  

Dr. Zhang also worked with many world-wide reputed universities, hospitals and industrial partners for his research such as Harvard University, Stanford University, Colombia University, Delft University of Technology, Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility, MPB Inc. (Montreal), Intel (US), ASM Inc. (Hong Kong) and CNH (Saskatoon). 

Dr. Zhang is a fellow of ASME, senior member of IEEE, senior member of SME, member of SPIE, and member of IRMA. Dr. Zhang has published over 380 refereed technical publications, among which 226 papers appear in refereed journals in a broad scope of fields. Dr. Zhang currently has 7 patents. His h-index (ISI) is 38.


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