Social Networks for E-Learning by Co-creation of Value


主题:   Social Networks for eLearning by co-creation of value主讲人:   Dr. Lorna Uden地点:   松江校区一号学院楼140报告厅时间:   2016-06-22 09:00:00组织单位:   计算机科学与技术学院


Dr. Lorna Uden is a Professor at Computing,Engineering and Technology of Stafford shire Universityin UK.She published over 200 papers in conferences,journals,chapters of books and workshops.Her research interests include Learning Technology,Web Engineering and Technology,Human Computer Interaction,Groupware,Activity Theory,big data,innovation,E-business,Knowledge management,E-government,Semantic web,Web services,big data,service innovation,social media,Service Science,Internet of Internet and Problem-BasedLearning (PBL).  She co-authored the book,‘Technology and Problem- Based Learning’,published by IGI publishers.Professor Uden travels round the world to give workshops in problem Based learning.She collaborates with colleagues internationally in paper writing.



Social software is increasingly being used by people to interact with one another in groups. It has the potential to be used in E-learning. Despite the increasing popularity of this potential, there is very little understanding of how to design an effective social network.

E-Learning systems are service systems.E-learning services,like most other services such as health and transport,must provide value for the stake holders involved.The emerging subject known as service science and service dominant logic can provide an approach to designing a social network for e-learning that will meet the needs and expectations of the stake holders.This talk describes how service dominant logic in service systems can be used to develop a social network for E-learning by the co-creation of value between the different stakeholders.



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