The cross-linguistic categorization of topological spatial relationships


主题:   The cross-linguistic categorization of topological spatial relationships主讲人:   Prof. Eric Pederson地点:   松江校区1号学院楼540室时间:   2016-12-22 15:00:00组织单位:   外语学院


Eric Perderson, 认知语言学家,1991年于美国加州大学伯克利分校获得语言学博士学位,现为美国俄勒冈大学(University of Oregon)副教授,研究主要涵盖心理语言学、语义学、类型学、人类学等。他的论著主要集中在语言与概念化的关系、认知语言学与语言相对论的关系、跨语言研究和认知语义类型学的相关问题等三大领域。先后发表出版论文、专著20多篇(部)。


Topological relations are broadly taken to be the non-scalar spatial relationships of containment, contact, adjacency, etc. often combined with functional notionssuch as support and adhesion. This presentation presents on the status of the long term project using data from the “Topological Relations Picture Series”initially presented as Bowerman and Pederson (1992) which has been since taken up by scores of independent researchers. The basic findings show an ordered sequence of referential “situation classes” which extends between the archetypal ON situation (e.g. a cup sitting ON a table) and the archetypal INsituation (e.g. the apple nestled IN the bowl) such that if a form could be used for some situations, it is predictable that it may also be used for certain other situations.

After discussing the basic findings, this talk will examine some methodologicalissues which have come up through different applications of the original research instrument as well as some relatively less well-examined issues surrounding topological spatial expression and the beginnings of an experimental approach to test the psychological reality of the cline.  


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