Elemental 2D Materials Beyond Graphene


主题:   Elemental 2D Materials Beyond Graphene主讲人:   杜轶 博士地点:   松江校区5号学院楼楼C321室时间:   2017-04-20 14:00:00组织单位:   材料学院,纤维材料改性国家重点实验室

主讲人概况:杜轶,博士,澳大利亚伍伦贡大学研究员;北京航空航天大学物理与核能工程学院、北航-伍伦贡联合研究中心教授、博导;2011年在伍伦贡大学(University of Wollongong)获材料学博士学位,毕业后在伍伦贡大学做博士后研究。2013年被授于“伍伦贡大学校长博士后研究基金奖”并被聘为副研究员。曾在日本国家材料研究院(NIMS)担任访问研究员。现作为研究员供职于澳大利亚伍伦贡大学澳大利亚创新材料研究院(AIIM)和超导与电子材料研究所(ISEM),并担任扫描隧道显微镜项目组组长。杜轶研究员还是表面研究实验室、原子力显微镜实验室及低温物理实验室负责人,其研究领域主要集中在开发新型二维材料及其表面物理化学性质的研究。在新型二维材料的开发研究中,他的团队在诸如硅烯和石墨烯等二维材料的无污染生产开发、化学稳定性研究和表面物理特性的应用等方面处于世界先进水平。截至2015年,杜轶研究员已著有专著章节两部,发表高水平论文(包括Science Advances、Nature Communications、Physical Review Letters、Advanced Materials、Physical Review B、ACS Nano、Advanced Functional Materials和ACS Catalysis) 70多篇。

报告摘要:Two-dimensional(2D) materials, which possess atomic or molecular thickness and infinite planarlengths, are regarded as a novel family of materials that have a greatpotential to transform modern electronics due to their unique nanostructuresand electronic states, especially since the discovery of graphene, whichpossesses amazing functionalities such as high electron mobility and thequantum Hall effect at room temperature. Silicene and germanene, new allotropesof silicon and germanium in a 2D one-atom-thick honeycomb structure, could havethe potential for promising applications in electronics, photonics, and theother related areas because they not only demonstrates essentially the sameelectronic properties as graphene, such as linear dispersion of the electronband and high Fermi velocity, but they also possess an energy gap at the Diracpoint, stronger spin-orbital coupling (SOC) and inherent compatibility with thecurrent semiconductor industry.

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