Interactive and Online Analytics of Large Spatio-temporal Data


主题:   Interactive and Online Analytics of Large Spatio-temporal Data主讲人:   Feifei Li地点:   松江校区1号学院楼140报告厅时间:   2017-06-27 13:00:00组织单位:   计算机科学与技术学院


Feifei Li is currently an associate professor at the School of Computing, University of Utah. He obtained his Bachelor's degree from Nanyang Technological University (transferred from Tsinghua University) in 2001 and PhD from Boston University in 2007. His research focuses on improving the scalability, efficiency, and effectiveness of database and big data systems. He also works on data security problems in these systems.  He was a recipient for a NSF career award in 2011, two HP IRP awards in 2011 and 2012 respectively, a 谷歌 App Engine award in 2013, the IEEE ICDE best paper award in 2004, the IEEE ICDE 10+ Years Most Influential Paper Award in 2014, a 谷歌 Faculty award in 2015, SIGMOD Best Demonstration Award in SIGMOD 2015, the SIGMOD 2016 Best Paper Award, and the SIGMOD Research Highlight Award in 2017. He is/was the demo PC co-chair for SIMGOD 2018, a member of the SIGMOD Jim Gray Dissertation Award selection committee in 2017, a PC area chair for SIGMOD 2015 and ICDE 2014, the demo PC co-chair for VLDB 2014, and the general co-chair for SIGMOD 2014.  He currently serves as an associate editor for ACM TODS and IEEE TKDE.


Large spatial and spatio-temporal data are ubiquitous (e.g., sensor readings, mobile app data). Supporting interactive queries and analytics over such data is a critical requirement in many data-driven applications. We will present the Simba system that offers scalable and efficient in-memory spatial query processing and analytics for big spatial and spatio-temporal data. Simba extends the Spark SQL engine to support rich spatial queries and analytics through both SQL and the Data Frame API (e.g., spatial join, knn join, trajectories), with an effective query optimizer leveraging its indexing support and novel spatial-aware query optimizations. Furthermore, Simba has incorporated our latest results from online aggregation and analysis, and is able to provide online analytics that explores the accuracy-efficiency tradeoff.  Lastly, we will also present ongoing extensions to Simba that explores spatio-temporal learning and sentiment analysis over large data.


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