How technology can learn from biology and how biology can benefit from technology


主题:   How technology can learn from biology and how biology can benefit from technology主讲人:   Jan Van der Spiegel地点:   松江校区材料学院C321室时间:   2017-11-03 10:00:00组织单位:    纤维改性国家重点实验室、功能材料研究所


Jan Van der Spiegel is a Professor ofthe Electrical and Systems Engineering Department at the University of Pennsylvania and Senior Visiting Professor at the Departments of Micro&Nano Electronics at Tsinghua University. Dr. Van der Spiegel received his Master’sdegree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering and his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Leuven, Belgium. His primary research interests are in mixed-mode VLSI design, CMOS vision sensors for polarization imaging, biologically based image sensors and brain-machine interfaces. He is the author of over 200 journal and conference papers and holds 4 patents.

He is a life fellow of the IEEE, the recipient of the IEEE Major Educational Innovation Award, the IEEE Third Millennium Medal, the UPS Foundation Distinguished Education Chair and the Bicentennial Class of 1940 Term Chair.

He is a member of the IEEESolid-State Circuits Society AdCom, he is an Associate Editor of the Transaction of BioCAS, and a member of the Editorial Board of the IEEE Proceedings, and Section Editor of the Institute of Technology’s Journal of Engineering. He is currently the president of the IEEE SSCS.


Advancesin CMOS Technology and Material Science have allowed to create sophisticated bio-inspired sensors and signal processing systems. At the same time, a lot of progress has been made in understanding the human brain and the human sensory system. Major breakthroughs are now possible when these two fields come together. Thepresentation will give two examples. One is how learning from biology allowedus to create new types of sensors. We will focus on a bio-inspired polarizationimager. Another example will illustrate how microelectronics technology can help people with neurological diseases. The talk will describe our recent work on aclosed-loop, bi-directional Brian-Machine-Interface (BMI) that potentially can improve quality of life of these patients.


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