Digital Platform for Interactive Design and Fashion Business Model


主题:   Digital Platform for Interactive Design and Fashion Business Model主讲人:   英国曼彻斯特大学李翼教授地点:   威尼斯电子游戏延安路校区第三教学大楼八楼会议室时间:   2018-01-03 14:00:00组织单位:   威尼斯电子游戏服装与艺术设计学院


FBD_BModel (FashionBig Data Business Model) is a new Horizon 2020 project that aims at creating adigital technology platform for delivering small series innovative functionalgarment products through textile supply chain, meeting consumers’ personalizedrequirements in terms of fashion and functional performances. This new digital supplychain will permit to get through the information channel from fabric materialsto consumers via various processes, in order to dynamically organize design andproduction in the big data environment. This technology platform will integratetwo interconnected knowledge based sub-systems (an Interactive Design System(IDS) and a Supply Chain and Production Management System (SCPMS)). Theplatform will provide a range of data-based services from product and designrecommendation, supplier selection, dynamic tasks planning, to productionsimulation, which are dedicated to consumers and concerned professionals suchas manufacturers, designers and retailers of the supply chain. 

An extended virtualspace will be created for visually displaying and evaluating fashion andfunctional performances (thermal comfort, skin touch comfort and skin pressurecomfort in relation to body movements) of designed products in order tointegrate consumers’ lifestyle into the product design process. This platformwill enable the direct connection of the professional networks of producers,designers and retailers and optimize all activities of the supply chain. Basedon this platform, a novel B2B2C business model will be built by establishingthe economic viability and overall exploitation strategy, developing a detailedbusiness plan, along with a full exploitation strategy and associated riskanalysis, and performing a series of extensive pilot operations and marketreplication actions. This business model will be helpful for creatingcustomized textile productions, promoting material innovations of SMEs withconnected professional networks, and preserving and updating professionalknowledge in Europe.

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