Circuits of Fashion: Time, Place, and Material Subjects


主题:   Circuits of Fashion: Time, Place, and Material Subjects主讲人:   Susan B. Kaiser地点:   延安路校区第三教学大楼八楼教师之家时间:   2018-03-28 16:00:00组织单位:   服装与艺术设计学院


Susan B. Kaiser is Professor of Gender, Sexuality andWomen’s Studies; Design; and Textiles at the University of California, Davis.Her research and teaching bridge the fields of fashion studies and feministcultural studies. Recent and current interests include theorizing time,place,and fashion; shifting masculinities; and possibilities for critical fashionstudies through popular and political cultural discourses. She is the author of The Social Psychology of Clothing(1997) and Fashion and Cultural Studies(2013), and approximately 100 articles and book chapters in the fields of textile/fashion studies,sociology,gender studies,cultural studies, popular culture,and consumer behavior.


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