Skin friction and its application


主题:   Skin friction and its application主讲人:   曾祥琼 地点:   松江校区逸夫科技创新楼307室时间:   2018-05-10 10:30:00组织单位:   化学化工与生物工程学院




The tribology of human skin is a research topic that has continuously attracted scientific studies over the past years, which typically, are related to cosmetic and the effects of skin care products, dealt with dermatological questions concerning skin condition, ageing, skin injuries, would healing and prosthetics, the role of skin friction in connection with the sense of touch, and simulated tribological tests with mechanical skin models. Recent tribological studies on materials contacting skin cover medical and sports applications, textiles, as well as appropriate surfaces for consumer products and automotive applications.

In this lecture, I will focus on the optimization of surfaces and materials which come in contact with the skin, concerning the design of personal care and medical products. The main contents include:

I.The mechanical and frictional properties of human skin.

II.Artificial skin model and its application for the design of personal care and medical products.

III.Materials for water based lubrication system.

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